Halo Infinite Campaign is Finally Seen In A New Video

Release Date
December 8, 2021

Finally, we get a sneak peek of the new Halo: Infinite campaign in a newly released video. Gamers all over are losing it about it.

In the video, players get a look at some of the spots in the open world that Master Chief will have to visit. The first mission that Master Chief embarks on is to go find a new AI called “The Weapon.” The new AI tells him that she was made to “lockdown” Cortana, but she didn’t know why. Now, Master Chief will have to search through Zeta Halo to find out what happened to her.

Infinite players will experience an open world for the first time in the game’s franchise and some of the systems that will be in place in the game were subtly revealed in the six-minute video. It showed off new weapons, enemies, bosses, and what looks to be a way to call down vehicles to travel Zeta Halo faster.

One of the most prominent new features that fans saw in the video was a grappling hook that had many uses. Master Chief can pull himself to enemies to melee them, pull explosives to himself to throw at foes, and even pull himself onto flying vehicles to overtake them mid-air.

The world is filled with fearsome enemies called the Banished. They’ve built strongholds and outposts all over the planet that have gone unchecked until Master Chief dropped down and it seems like some of them may be side quests for players to destroy.

Although there was a little bit of story revealed, many fans felt misled by the title of the video. The YouTube video said it was a campaign overview, but on Twitter, Halo got more specific and said it was meant to show off campaign gameplay.

I greatly misunderstood the reason/meaning behind that Halo Infinite Campaign video. I was expecting a campaign reveal/story vid, but it was simply going over the style of gameplay. So if you’re expecting a campaign story reveal/premier, you wont get it. STILL HYPE THO— SirSkrallex (@SirSkrallex) October 25, 2021

Although some fans were disappointed by the lack of story setup the video provided, many were still excited about the game and the improvements that were made. Since Infinite was delayed in 2020 due to complaints about the look of the game, it seems the developers have been doing their homework. Many Halo fans are pleased with the time the developers have spent improving the graphics during the delay.

Players will be able to finally get their hands on Halo: Infinite on Dec. 8, although only the single-player campaign and multiplayer modes will be available at launch.

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