High on Life Steam Sales Skyrocket Alongside Pc Game Pass Success

High on Life Steam sales appear to be off to a great start. According to SteamDB, the irreverent comic first-person shooter game by Squanch Games, founded by Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, has overtaken Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and FIFA 23 to claim second place behind the Steam Deck on the weekly top sellers list. The fact that Microsoft’s PC Game Pass subscription service offered High on Life alongside its Steam release may be even more impressive given that it hasn’t prevented the game from enjoying strong sales on Steam.

In its report for the week ending December 18, SteamDB lists High On Life in the number two spot, just behind Valve’s Steam Deck (which consistently tops the charts thanks in part to its much higher price point). Valve’s own charts report it coming in at number three behind the latest Call of Duty game in both UK and US regions, though they are often slightly slower to update than external reporting sites.

Industry sales metrics reporter Benji Sales notes that High on Life is the fourth most-played game on Xbox, coming just behind MW2, Fortnite, and GTA V, and pushing ahead of the likes of free games Apex Legends, Roblox, and Overwatch 2. He adds that the title is “also performing very strongly on PC Game Pass.”

On Microsoft’s Game Pass ‘most popular’ lists, High on Life ranks top for cloud streaming, and is second only to the unstoppable Microsoft Solitaire Collection on PC. It’s certainly looking like a success story for Squanch Games, showing that there’s plenty of desire for sweary space shooting.

Our High on Life review notes that the game is a “love letter to fans of Roiland’s previous work,” with solid shooting and creative boss battles, but that the shooting isn’t enough to carry the game if you aren’t a fan of its brand of humour. If you do decide to dip in, however, check out how to get the High on Life secret ending to make sure you see everything the game has to offer.

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