History is Written as the LCK CL Welcomes Its First-Ever Female Esports Player

Jeon “DangMoo” Su-jin joined Liiv SANDBOX’s LSB Challengers team on December 29, a team that competes in LCK CL, South Korea’s second-tier league. The first girl to sign up for a professional League team in the area is a support player named DangMoo.

Not much is known about DangMoo, as joining Liiv SANDBOX is the first time she has signed with a pro team in League. So far, she has been maining champions like Ahri and Lulu, according to Leaguepedia.

And while she’s a newcomer to international audiences and is writing history by joining Liiv SANDBOX, she is fairly popular in South Korea as a content creator she creates. DangMoo has a YouTube channel with almost 250,000 subscribers, where she posts mostly League-related videos. She’s also popular on Twitch, where her channel currently sits on more than 185,000 followers.

In Liiv SANDBOX Challengers, she will have to compete for a starting spot with Hong β€œPlanB”Su-jin, who also joined the squad this December.

Esports overall saw a surge of female players in recent years, though, in most cases, they have their own female leagues, like Game Changers in VALORANT or ESL Impact in CS:GO, which makes it even more uncommon to see them joining competitions like LCK CL. Nevertheless, this makes the signing of DangMoo even more historic.

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