Holdfast: Nations at War Gets a WWI Conversion This Week

Holdfast: Nations at War, a Napoleonic-era shooter, is getting an official DLC upgrade that brings it up to speed with the First World War. The Holdfast: Frontlines DLC is a free and official WW1-era overall conversion for the multiplayer shooter that will be released on Thursday.

Holdfast: Nations at War was released back in 2020 but has been around since at least 2017, when it kicked up a storm on Steam Greenlight as a new indie game with a possible big appeal for Mount & Blade: Warband fans. Since it came out, developer Anvil Game Studios has been adding regular new DLC expansions entirely for free – such as the Italian faction in April 2021.

Holdfast: Frontlines WW1 is possibly the game’s biggest DLC yet – five new maps and a complete conversation of all units, weapons, and items to a World War 1-era design, which will be released to all players entirely for free this Thursday, February 17. Producer Andrew Farrugia also confirmed that proximity voice chat, which is a big part of the Holdfast experience, will be available in Frontlines too. “We believe that it’s the community that makes the game, and VOIP is one of those things that enable beautiful interactions between players,” Farrugia says.

Alongside Frontlines, Anvil says it will also update the Napoleonic side of Holdfast with new graphical improvements. It also plans to introduce a new faction to the game later this year, which will hopefully be free, as well. Spain or the Ottoman Empire seems most likely, although players will have to wait to find out.

As long as it’s free, we’re sure players will be happy. For more PC news, click here.

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