House Flipper Joins PC Game Pass Neighborhood

With Persona 3, 4, and 5 joining the service in October and one of the best Total War games now joining Microsoft’s subscription service, there is no shortage of fantastic PC Game Pass titles. House Flipper, a surprise addition to the PC Game Pass library, has now been released.

House Flipper has been a quiet favourite of YouTubers and streamers, with many enjoying the soothing satisfaction of sprucing up dirty dwellings. From cleaning up spills and handling insect infestations to renovating the paintwork and decorating the establishments ready for new inhabitants, there’s something effortlessly calming about House Flipper that even real-world housework just can’t match.

As you develop your business, you can start buying your own places and doing more dramatic renovations – including knocking down old partitions, reworking plumbing, and more. Turning a broken-down shack into a fancy designer home is wonderfully satisfying, and at a far lower time and money investment than it would take to replicate in the real world. It might even give you a place to experiment and come up with a few ideas for your own home!

There’s also been a selection of novelty houses added based on iconic locations from television and the big screen, such as a take on Dragon Ball Z’s Kame House. If you are subscribed to PC Game Pass, then, perhaps it’s time to start working on those property development chops.

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A House Flipper sequel was announced in February, though we likely won’t see it until 2023. If you’re in need of more relaxing PC games, that link has you covered.

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