Huni becomes a Full-Time LCS Coach for TSM

The League of Legends esports global contract database maintained by Riot Games shows that TSM has employed former top laner Huni as an LCS coach. Last week, Huni left TSM’s starting lineup due to a persistent wrist issue that prevents him from competing in professional League.

Huni’s contract with TSM is now set to expire on the “day after Worlds 2022,” according to the global contract database. Traditionally, coaches are contracted through the end of the competitive season, while players are given a hard date on which their contract expires.

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Huni played his final game with TSM this season on July 3. Last week, Huni was replaced by TSM’s Academy-level top laner S0ul on the team’s starting LCS lineup. TSM posted a 1-1 record with its new-look lineup, which also made changes at the AD carry and support positions.

In a recent episode of TSM’s self-produced documentary series TSM Legends, Huni confirmed he would be staying with the organization to help his successor in the top lane, S0ul. In the content piece, Huni cited his knowledge of the current professional League meta, as well as his extensive experience with top lane matchups as points of education for the team’s new top laner.

In the TSM Legends episode, Huni also acknowledged that he had been dealing with an injury to his wrist since 2016, but this season, the pain became frequent enough for him to step down from TSM’s starting lineup.

This past weekend, Huni appeared on the LCS broadcaster as a guest analyst and shoutcaster. He served as the third mic on the call for TSM’s loss to Cloud9 on Saturday, July 16 alongside LCS casters Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler and Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines.

Dot Esports has reached out to TSM for comment regarding this change to the team’s coaching staff.

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