IEM Cologne 2022: 00Nation Trimphued Over Astralis in Openning Day

You wouldn’t anticipate 00Nation to dominate elite European CS:GO competition so soon after making three lineup changes. However, they did just that today. 00Nation faced Astralis in the first games of IEM Cologne 2022, completely dominating the Danish team. On Mirage, 00Nation triumphed 16-6 despite Astralis’ best efforts on the terrorist side.

At first, it seemed like the match might go toe-to-toe, with Astralis picking up a few rounds on the T-side. The Danes, however, couldn’t get past their enemies’ defense, who claimed another five rounds and finished the first half 10-5. But still, the history of Counter-Strike has shown us that games are more than winnable for the losing side, especially with the counter-terrorists being easier to play on paper.

The South American representatives didn’t lose any momentum, though, and in dominating fashion won the second pistol round and the anti-ecos that followed. Astralis were able to steal one round, but that was all she wrote.

Such a result comes as a surprise since this Astralis roster has been together for more than four months. 00Nation, on the other hand, added TACO, latto, and dumau four days ago, and have played only three official games with them until this point. Two of the latter players were on top of the scoreboard by the end of the game, with latto recording a 23-10 K/D ratio and dumau boasting a 19/15 scoreline.

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