Is This a New Tekken Mod or Elden Ring?

I had no idea I needed an Elden Ring fighting game until I discovered it through the great world of Tekken mods, and I was able to fulfil it almost immediately. The Ultimate Elden Ring Modpack replaces eight Tekken 7 characters with Elden Ring equivalents, allowing you to finally have that Alexander vs. Melina fight you’ve always wanted.

Ultraboy’s mod is largely cosmetic, replacing a selection of alternate character appearances with Elden Ring equivalents. Lidia becomes Melina, Kunimitsu becomes Malenia, Heihachi becomes the lobster, Gigas becomes Alexander, Lee becomes the Prisoner starting class, Marduk becomes Radahn, Kazuya dons the Raging Wolf armour set, and Kazumi becomes Ranni. And, yes, Kazumi’s tiger transforms into the spectral steed Torrent.

You can grab the mod for yourself over on Tekken Mods, or if you just want to enjoy the vibes, you can take a look at the fantastic trailer below. Now I’m longing for this to become Super Souls Bros – get the Maiden in Black and Father Gascoigne in there for good measure.

Check out our guide to the best Elden Ring builds if you want to hit like Devil Jin.

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