Lakia: The Former Vision Strikers Player Joined IGZIST

The DRX Vision Strikers have announced the transfer of VALORANT player Kim “Lakia” Jong-min to IGZIST, a Japanese squad. Lakia will participate in the Asia-Pacific region, which has seen teams like Team Secret and FULL SENSE gain international notoriety. Both teams competed in the VALORANT Champions tournament, which ended in December 2021.

Fans of the player will get more opportunities to see Lakia in action since he’s joining the starting roster for IGZIST. Under DRX Vision Strikers, Lakia wasn’t part of the starting roster and frequently spent his time on the sidelines as a substitute.

At Champions, Lakia played one map on Icebox against Fnatic in the winner’s group stage. The highly anticipated match, which took place on Dec. 3, saw Fnatic come out on top with a 2-1 victory. The European team secured direct qualification to the knockout stage. DRX Vision Strikers were later defeated by Cloud9, which ended their tournament run.

IGZIST recently acquired the majority of the BlackBird Ignis roster, which hasn’t competed in VALORANT since August last year. Former player Souta “popogachi” Morita retired from competing while the rest of the team joined IGZIST, which was revealed by the organization on Dec. 9, 2021.

Vision Strikers’ parent company eDreamWork Korea was acquired by fellow Korean organization DRX on Jan. 6. This means the VALORANT team will follow the DRX branding for the upcoming Korean VALORANT Champions Tour, which begins on Feb. 5 and conclude on March 27. 

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