LCK CL Introduces First-Ever Female Esports Player

Jeon “DangMoo” Su-jin has been signed by Liiv SANDBOX for the Challengers squad. She is the first female esports competitor in the LCK CL competition. The squad consists of more than five players, and DangMoo will challenge the other support players to a game of rift.


We have seen some examples of female players competing on the scene before. For example, the Turkish team, İstanbul Wildcats had done something similar in the past where they had multiple female players competing in the Turkish Academy scene. Even though these players picked up wins and showed impressive performances, none of them continued their professional esports careers and concentrated on different things in their lives. DangMoo is a content creator in South Korea who has a huge community both on YouTube and Twitch. She currently has 247k subscribers on YouTube and 186k followers on Twitch. Regionally, she is pretty well known and appreciated for her high elo talent. Next year, DangMoo will have the first chance to show her capabilities against the upcoming talents of South Korea.

DangMoo doesn’t have any prior experience in the professional scene. Liiv Sandbox Challengers will be the first for her and the roster is packed with great talents. Ddahyuk, Vincenzo, Guti, Diable, and PlanB were already on the roster. DangMoo is the only substitute on the LSB Challengers roster and she has a tough opponent for the jersey, PlanB. The 16-year-old support played for the organization’s academy team last year and his coaches surely believe in him. According to Leaguepedia, DangMoo’s favorite champions are Ahri and Lulu, which might bring a new perspective and playstyle to the team. That might be one of the aspects that the coaches are looking for to improve their team’s performance. Simpson and Dooti are the head coaches of the team this year.


LCK CL is the second division of the South Korean League of Legends competition. According to the league format, every LCK representative must have an academy team competing in the second division. South Korea is one of the powerhouses of the young League of Legends talents and many of the superstars had gone through the CL challenge at least once in their careers. Some of the best LoL players in the region started their careers from CL and made their way up to the big league. The league aims on improving and also finding new and upcoming talents for the biggest scene. Liiv Sandbox Challengers is one of them and some LCK players played for them in the past. This new transfer move might create a new wave and help female players in the scene to reach their goals or at least be recognized by the organizations.

Having female players on the LoL esports scene is very important for the future. The industry surely needs more female players and having one in the South Korean scene will definitely influence more in the future. DangMoo is a support player but we might see other players stepping up in other LoL roles in the competition. It will be interesting to see the first-ever female esports player in the LCK CL and her performance is awaited by many.

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