LCS Lock-In: Team Liquid Wins This Year

Team Liquid swept Evil Geniuses in the LCS Lock-In finals to win the pre-season event for the second year in a row. During the recent offseason, the team saw considerable changes, with only two individuals from the 2021 squad retaining their spots. The team dominated in the finals, making a strong statement before the regular season began and winning the first trophy of 2022.

Team Liquid dismantles Evil Geniuses

Though all of Team Liquid exceeded expectations in this final series, the bottom lane duo of Hans sama and Eyla shined the most throughout the three games. The French ADC finished with an astonishing 17/4/18 scoreline and acted as the team’s primary carry threat. Backed up by supportive champions such as Lulu and Zilean, Hans sama had one of the single most impressive series in the Lock-In.

Evil Geniuses found a disappointing end to their Lock-In run. Previously undefeated, the roster fell apart at the final hurdle. While the sidelanes particularly fell behind throughout the series, all of Evil Geniuses showed their first signs of weakness.

Will Team Liquid win the LCS?

Team Liquid are certainly the favorites entering the LCS Spring Split, both after their Lock-In championship and after the formation of its roster. Though TL have emerged as the strongest pre-season team, Cloud9, Golden Guardians, and TSM all have not fielded their entire LCS roster. Though TL themselves are still awaiting CoreJJ’s visa to complete the roster, it seems that the team are early favorites to lead the pack during Spring.

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