League of Legends: New Porcelain & Firecracker Skin Lines

Today, Riot Games revealed a slew of new skins, and League of Legends shared numerous images on Twitter. Porcelain and Firecracker, two new skin lines, will be available in the League of Legends store soon, along with many prestige editions.

The Porcelain skin line mimics classic Chinese porcelain fine dining ware. The famous blue and white designs are present across all five champions included. Ezreal, Lissandra, Kindred, Amumu, and Lux will all receive new skins.

Notably, Amumu takes the form of a traditional Chinese porcelain teapot instead of his regular mummy form. Lux will see a prestige edition, one that turns her white and blue color scheme to more traditional gold, per the champion’s usual aesthetic.

Firecracker is the other full skin line released today. The champions involved in this new set include Sett, Teemo, Xin Zhou, Diana, and Tristana. Similar to the previous set, this design draws inspiration from the Chinese New Year. While Sett dons a traditional Dragon parade outfit, Teemo sets off bombs made of Bao, and Tristana’s cannon is replaced with a red firework.

Several other skins as ‘one-offs’ were released as well. Elise was given a Withered Rose appearance while Akshan and Soraka received Crystal Rose skins. With this mass of skins hitting the League of Legends store, some new and some returning themes, players will have no shortage of options in their stores.

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