League Patch 12.4 Has Many Detailed Buffs

Another set of buffs is planned in League of Legends Patch 12.4, this time focusing on strengthening champions throughout the battlefield in a variety of roles.

Following yesterday’s patch preview teaser, Riot Phlox, designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League, provided details as to the multitude of buffs that players can expect to see in Patch 12.4. Some of the champions on this buff list are receiving these helpful changes for the first time in numerous patches, aiming to further diversify a meta that already has many viable options to choose from.

In the top lane, Aatrox, Illaoi, and Sett are getting some much-needed love from the development team. Aatrox’s Q sweet spots will now have an increased damage multiplier, while Illaoi will get a slightly higher base attack speed and W max health damage. Sett’s health gained per level is being slightly increased, though this will likely also help his prowess as a support.

The only major shake-up in the jungle is to Amumu, whose damage reduction on his E is being slightly increased. The mid lane champions being buffed include Rumble and Neeko, a champion that fans have been waiting to see buffed for numerous patches. Rumble will fare slightly better against assassins with increased armor. After maintaining one of the largest hitboxes in the game, Neeko will finally have her hitbox made smaller. She’ll also receive more damage on her additional Q pops and a lower cooldown on her W.

Due to the current state of the ADC meta favoring only a handful of champions, four marksmen are being tuned to make them more valuable picks. Ashe’s R will now speed up the longer it travels and Xayah’s E will receive a higher crit damage multiplier. Kalista, though still not very common in solo queue, can survive just a bit longer with a small buff to her damage.

One of the strongest bot lane combinations in the game, Lucian and Nami, will receive buffs on both ends in this patch. Lucian’s Q, his main non-ultimate damage ability, will have its mana cost reduced. The nerf to Nami’s E that granted less damage to impacted allies is also being reverted, likely bringing this duo back to its preseason power.

League players can look forward to the release of Patch 12.4 on Feb. 16. Outside of these buffs, this patch will also include various nerfs to powerful champions and address the issue with Smite support top laners.

All of the buffs detailed in this patch preview are subject to change prior to their release on the live servers.

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