LEC Spring Finals 2022 Had 723,000 Viewers

G2 Esports snatched their throne and proved themselves to be the strongest League of Legends team in Europe by defeating Rogue in the 2022 LEC Spring Finals, capping up one of the best lower bracket runs fans have seen in the LEC playoffs. According to streaming analytics site Esports Charts, the series reached a peak audience of just over 723,000 viewers this past weekend.

Even though there were only three games played during this series, G2’s sweep had the highest peak of any LEC match this split by far. The more impressive stat, however, is that G2 participated in four out of the five most-viewed matches of the 2022 Spring Split.

It’s clear that even though the team failed to find significant success last year, G2’s fandom is still strong enough to bring in a massive amount of viewership. Additionally, the new players that the organization also helped bolster their numbers with Flakked and Targamas bringing in a larger demographic after their time in the LVP and LFL, respectively.

This 2022 Spring Split had one of the lower peak viewership numbers over the past three years, however, according to Esports Charts. Last year, the 2021 Spring Split had a peak of 843,000 viewers, while 2020 Spring had a peak of just over 817,000 during G2’s series against Fnatic in the finals.

The average viewership numbers of the 2022 LEC Spring Split have also dropped when compared to the past two years, but that could be explained by the league going through a transitional phase with multiple stars leaving or failing to find a roster for this year. For example, former LEC mainstay Rekkles wasn’t able to get on a starting roster for spring, while big names like Inspired, Hans sama, and Bwipo left the region for greener pastures in North America.

With more people now aware of the young, rising talent in Europe, we could see a rise in viewership when the 2022 Summer Split begins later this year.

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