Lgs Coach Reveals One of the Biggest Problems With World’s Edge in Apex Legends’ Season 16

Next month, Split Two of the Apex Legends Global Series will begin, and new teams emerging through the Challengers Qualifiers will be vying to establish local history. New compositions and legends that make use of the new passives and abilities introduced by the character class adjustments for Season 16 may disrupt the metagame. One class, controllers, borrows the ability from recon legends and uses the recently added Ring Consoles to determine where the next circle closes.

Ring Consoles spawn on all maps alongside Survey Beacons, but recent data has discovered a gigantic discrepancy that can completely change how one map, World’s Edge, is fundamentally played. In a deleted tweet, PVPX, coach for 2022 ALGS champions DarkZero, included two pictures that showed Ring Console spawn rate comparisons between World’s Edge and Storm Point, the two maps featured in the ALGS.

The pictures included bar graphs comparing the percentage chance of a Ring Console spawning in a POI for each map in Season 16, with name labels not included to avoid helping other teams. On WE, nine POIs had a spawn rate of ninety percent or above, with the highest at ninety-five percent. The rest fell below sixty percent, with the lowest at thirty-four percent. PVPX specifically noted the sixty percent disparity between gaining valuable information that dictates crucial rotations and late-game decisions, and playing the game at a direct disadvantage against other squads. In comparison, every single POI on SP fell between seventy-three and sixty-seven percent, a six percent difference, giving each team fairer odds for a console to spawn in their POI.

Wattson, one of the four control legends, featured a twenty-five percent pick rate in the Split One Finals, and was paired up with Crypto in most compositions, who scanned for the next ring. With the class changes, Wattson now serves multiple roles on a team, and setting up her defenses early in future rings is crucial at the highest level of competition, highlighting WE’s unfair Ring Console spawn rate problem. Many professional players have already criticized the changes that allow one team to gain important information over another by sheer luck, including the changing placement of console spawns from past seasons.

Split Two of the ALGS in all regions starts in one month, giving teams time to consider the information, and if they will switch POIs. North America’s MPS initially stated their intentions to land in Fragment East for Split Two; however, after the Ring Console spawn rate information became public, changed to Lava Fissure.

With many teams already claiming their POIs for future tournaments, Split Two of the 2023 ALGS season could be the most volatile split in Apex history.

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