Loba Apex Legends new legend will be available tomorrow.

Loba Apex Legends new legend

Loba Apex Legends new character trailer is out now, check it out right here.

From the trailer, it is obvious that her skill set is a little bit overpowered. Although she doesn’t have any protection or damaging skills, her teleportation will be a huge gameplay changer and will help her maneuver her way around in and out of battle.

Loba Apex Legends new character skills

Kim Kardashian, sorry, I mean Loba’s new skills are the far distance loot, Teleportation, and Black Market staff.

She can loot boxes and corpses from a distance which makes her a powerful ally. You can loot corpses from afar or wait for 2 to kill each other and you can instantly loot the corpses, the enemy squads won’t even realize it.

The teleportation skill works differently with thicc Loba. She throws her bracelet to the location she wants to teleport to. That gives her the advantage of throwing the bracelet to far locations. Just like throwing a grenade. However, controlling this bracelet might not be as precise since, after all, you are throwing a projectile.

Her ultimate ability, The black Market Staff, allows Loba to access all the items available in an area around her. Allies can swap their weapons and pick up gear directly from here imaginary portal store. One thing comes to mind is the sealed vault. I suppose Loba will be able to access the vault items if she is close enough. But that would make her too thicc. I mean too unfair. Imagine looking around finally getting your hands on the vault key only to find it empty…

When will Loba be available?

Thicc Loba will be available to purchase for 12,000 coins. Just like all other legends. The full update will be live on the 12th of May. which is actually tomorrow.

Apex Legends frequent updates keep the game alive and fresh with new content every month. Which is something I appreciate in online games. And I am talking about new characters and gameplay changes, not just cosmetics. If you don’t upgrade your game elements regularly then your game will eventually die. Just like PUBG.

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