Lost Ark’s Most Anticipated Class is Coming to the West Very Soon

That’s correct, after a triumphant debut in the Korean version of the Smilegate and Amazon MMORPG game last year, the Lost Ark Artist subclass will very soon be available in the West. The game intends to start reducing the time between content releases in various areas, so the West doesn’t have to wait as long for new content, which is why the Lost Ark Artist release date was announced.

Amazon Games already told PCGamesN that Lost Ark year two aims to “greatly reduce the gap” between regions, with the Artist potentially being the start of this plan. “I can say that we are planning to greatly reduce the gap between the western build and the Korean build in our second year compared to our first year,” Amazong Games franchise leader Soomin Park told us.

You can play as the Lost Ark Artist on March 15 in the West, as confirmed by the official Lost Ark Twitter account.

As mentioned, the Artist class has been available on the Korean servers of the MMO game for quite some time, but now they’re coming to the West. This gap in time has so many factors behind it too, which Amazon Games calls “growing pains” in our full interview with the studio.

The Lost Ark Artist is a support class, and you can even see a full breakdown of their skills and tripods (localised and based on max-level scaling) in a Reddit thread from last year.

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There is also a lot of speculation as to what class structure the Artist will fit into in the Western release of Lost Ark, but in Korea they’re the only subclass in the Specialist category, so it’s likely that will be brought over on March 15. We also don’t know if there will be a bigger Lost Ark patch when the Artist drops just yet, but some changes can be expected.

The arrival of the Artist is sure to change up our Lost Ark classes tier list, which can help you decide on your next class shake-up in the MMO. We’ve also got the reward and location for every single Lost Ark Mokoko Seed as well if you’re missing a few.

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