Mafia: Definitive Edition Hangar 13 Cancels Unpublished $53 Million Game Canceled by Take-Two

Take-Two has apparently shelved a $53 million unannounced project that would have become a new Hangar 13 game.

The information of the cancellation—but not what it was for—came in the company’s second-quarter earnings report for 2022. Tucked within the financial highlights section was the following: “Cost of goods sold included a $53 million impairment charge related to the Company’s decision not to proceed with further development of an unannounced title in its pipeline.”

According to Bloomberg, this mysterious project was supposedly a new game from Mafia 3 and Mafia: Definitive Edition developers Hangar 13. Citing people familiar with the decision, Codename Volt had apparently been in development since 2017. Supposedly, it was to be a new live-service third-person action game featuring superheroes.

While further details are sketchy, sources speaking to Kotaku claimed Volt would feature a three-player co-op. They also say it would feature ‘arcadey’ action, with a tank, healer, and DPS roles. The name came from an idea that enemies could supposedly combine to make more fearsome foes, ala Voltron.

Though it didn’t confirm the game itself, 2K did provide a statement to Kotaku confirming the studio affected. “Hangar 13’s latest project was creatively ambitious and exciting. When we pursue new intellectual properties, we occasionally may encounter situations that call for cancellation.”

“We have full confidence in Hangar 13’s leadership and development team and believe that they can and will deliver critical and commercial successes in the future. Hangar 13’s leadership is working closely with 2K to ensure that Hangar 13 team members continue to do meaningful work, either as part of Hangar 13 or on one of our other development teams.”

The studio previously teased its next game would not be Mafia-related back in March of 2020. Hopefully, all affected find their feet.

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