Minecraft 1.19.3 Release Date Announced With Pre-Release Patch

The arrival of Minecraft 1.19.3 marks the start of the sandbox game’s next update, which will also include some helpful adjustments and bug fixes. Fans who have been anxiously awaiting information on the progress of this patch will be relieved to learn that it is now available for pre-release testing, and the release date has been confirmed.

At this stage, most players are looking ahead to the release of the Minecraft 1.20 update, which will bring in enough new elements to help revitalise the game for those who tend to avoid the best Minecraft mods, and just prefer to stick to official content. While players have been playing around with some of those features thanks to Minecraft snapshots, the 1.19.3 update represents more of a fix for some existing bugs than anything else.

The Minecraft 1.19.3 release date is December 6. If you’ve been running up against things like villagers not pathfinding correctly in water, or some Allay movement being a little bit broken, then you’ll be glad to know those issues are going to be fixed. Along with that, the most sizeable changes in Minecraft 1.19.3 come in the form of new entity sub-predicate types. That’s basically going to make it easier for map creators to control the colour of some of the Minecraft mobs.

With this update, we’ll be moving a little bit closer to the 1.20 update, which hopefully means we’ll get some more information on what to expect from it, alongside a title. We’ll keep you updated with everything we know as soon as we know it.

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