Minecraft Mod Adds Almost 40 New Mob Variants For A Natural Feel

The lovely mobs are the focus of this Minecraft mod, and while it doesn’t alter how they act, the addition of variety makes the sandbox game feel a little more alive. We think it’s a great method to adjust a few things without having to actively change the gameplay.

Now we know a fair bit about Minecraft mods; after all, we get to keep our eyes literally peeled for things like this Breath of the Wild mod, because sometimes life is kind. However, while big changes are sometimes welcome, some people don’t want that; they just want a bit of variety. That’s exactly what this new mod does, because variety is the spice of life, and more Minecraft mobs can only be a good thing.

The mod, called More Mob Variants, went up over the weekend, and it’s just a cool little thing that adds new skins for some of the creatures and critters. With this mod, you get new cat, chicken, cow, pig, sheep, and wolf variations that just help to make nature feel a bit more natural. One of the coolest aspects is that it also adds in more zombie looks too, all of which are based on the new Minecraft default skins.

Also, if you happen to be a mob mod connoisseur, you’ll be happy to know that the mod’s creator is looking into making it work alongside the Better Animal Models mod. If they can make each of the variants on a different model too, then you’ll be able to go on little wildlife tours and stuff, and we just think that’s adorable.

It could be that as we move forwards, the mod also gets updated to include variants of Minecraft 1.20 update mobs too. If you’re not here for mobs but are still reading, then go and have a look at the best Minecraft builds. You’ve earned it.

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