Minecraft Mod Adds Paintbrush Tool and More Colours to Sandbox Game

The most effective Minecraft mods can transform the sandbox game into pretty much anything. You have the option to include new adversaries and mechanics. You may increase your strength to the level of god, and this mod also allows you to add a few extra decoration options if that’s all you want to do.

If you love Minecraft so much that you don’t want to change the gameplay, say by adding in this Minecraft Breath of the Wild mod, then you might think that modding simply isn’t for you. You’d be wrong though, because there is a vast array of different mods that are aimed at just tweaking things a little bit, but keeping the core experience exactly as it was designed. Mods like the Minecraft flying mod, for example, just make traversal a little more fun.

Another way to change things is to just add more cosmetic options, like Minecraft skins but instead changing all the colours in the game. While the best Minecraft texture packs also achieve something similar, sometimes you just want to be able to dye wool with more options. That’s exactly what this new Tinted mod does, as it adds in eight new shades to Minecraft to “fill the gaps between the colours of the game.”

It’s a simple change, but it allows you to create new kinds of Minecraft banners, beds, and anything else that uses colours in the game. It just helps you put your own touch on your world, and if you’re the kind of person that values trying to create the best Minecraft builds, then it’s going to help you achieve that goal.

You could even use it to help you deck out the next cool Minecraft house idea you have. Maybe you could display those new colours from the top of the best Minecraft tower designs too, the world’s your colourful oyster.

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