MultiVersus Arcade Mode Announced as First Champions Crowned

For the season one update of the Warner Bros. fighting game, ranked mode, new characters Rick and Morty, and Multiversus arcade mode are included. Prior to the top eight finals, when the Nakat and Void duo defeated the losers’ bracket to win the title of first Multiversus tournament champions, Tony Huynh from game creator Player First Games took the stage to tease the game’s roadmap.

Multiversus season one has been delayed, and while there is currently no set release date on the calendar, the official Twitter account for the game promises an announcement date “very soon.” Thanks to the announcement at EVO, we now know that a ‘classic arcade mode’ will be coming alongside the addition of ranked competition and the arrival of Morty, with his maniacal compatriot Rick set to arrive a little later down the line.

While full details haven’t been given about the incoming arcade mode, it’s expected to see players going up against a series of AI-controlled battles much like arcade modes found in most other fighting games. It can be played in co-op with a friend, and leakers suggest that the mode will have “up to ten stages” and feature three distinct difficulty settings. The arcade mode should provide a more distinct way for players to hone their skills outside of simple bot matches before heading into player vs player bouts.

The game’s first EVO 2022 tournament ended with a decisive victory from the duo of Nakat and Void, who were able to return from the losers’ bracket to run it back against the team of RoseJ and Mirrorman who had previously beaten them in the winners’ bracket final. Sporting the team of Wonder Woman and Tom & Jerry, Nakat and Void managed to overcome their opponents’ Velma and Bugs combination in the rematch to reset the bracket and bring the title home in decisive 3-0, 3-0 fashion.

If you want to get warmed up for the arrival of ranked mode, be sure to take a look at our Multiversus tier list to find out who the best characters are right now. We’ve also got a guide to Multiversus crossplay to ensure that you can play with friends on any platform, and a list of the current Multiversus free character rotation and schedule. Check out our list of the best Multiversus perks to ensure you get the most out of your squad’s potential, too.

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