MultiVersus Works on Steam Deck, but It’s Unverified

MultiVersus actually works great on Steam Deck, even though it’s not marked as Verified or Playable on Valve’s storefront. While the Smash Bros alternative could still have quirks lurking under the hood, its apparent compatibility with the portable powerhouse means you can take Batman, Shaggy, and the rest of your favourite franchise fighters with you on the go, but you might want to leave Taz at home.

Highlighted by GamingonLinux, MultiVersus seemingly runs on Steam Deck without a hitch, featuring stable frame rates and full Steam controller support. These performance boons are usually enough to earn a game its Verified stripes, but Valve says it’s still learning about the game’s compatibility.

It’s worth noting that while MultiVersus appears to run well on Steam Deck, hidden bugs and unoptimised elements could keep it from earning Verified status. That said, playtest videos demonstrate the game running perfectly fine on the Deck, and Liam from GamingonLinux says you can avoid any online snags by installing the Easy Anticheat runtime before jumping in.

The Steam Deck now has over 4,000 Verified and Playable games in its library. However, MultiVersus is a testament to the fact that numerous other releases boast compatibility with the handheld, even if Valve hasn’t passed its verdict. In other words, you should probably try your Steam library on the portable, as your on-the-go collection could be larger than you think.

As for that Taz comment above, the Tasmanian Devil might rank high on MultiVersus tier list, but fans appear to have it in for the Looney Tune. The game’s storefront page is clad with various Taz memes disguised as reviews, and players are calling on social media for the cartoon character’s famous spin to be nerfed.

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