New Escape From Tarkov Screenshots Show Off Upcoming Streets Map

A new batch of Escape from Tarkov screenshots posted in the official Discord provide a new look at Streets of Tarkov, the long-awaited urban map planned for the FPS survival game. First unveiled at the PC Gaming Show in 2020, Streets of Tarkov has been in the works for over two years, and it’s clearly Tarkov’s densest and most complex area to date – by quite a margin.

A Battlestate Games community manager posted nearly two dozen new screenshots of Streets of Tarkov in the official Discord today. None of the shots show any action, but instead provide a good, generally street-level view of the many different environments and architectural styles that can be found in Streets.

The city has clearly been the site of a major disaster – it’s the epicentre of the destruction we’ve been able to see in the surrounding areas for years now, and the devastation is more intense in the urban environment. While some streets appear simply empty, others have been destroyed, with one shot showing the wreckage of a commuter tram that has fallen into a sinkhole near an exposed underground culvert.

The shots also include quite a few interior environments, including what appears to be a large subway concourse, an apartment complex, and some industrial spaces. Nature is gradually reclaiming these, with weeds and grasses coming up through the floor tiles and concrete, and moss growing on door frames and walls.

Also shared today were four videos. One shows off the in-game version of the Steyr AUG bullpup-pattern assault rifle, a second displays the same for the Glock 18C pistol, the third is of the Heckler & Koch MP7A1 PDW, and a fourth demonstrates a new buff system that will be added to Tarkov’s equipment repair system: you’ll add some kind of temporary buff to your weapons and gear when you repair it, it seems.

It’s not clear exactly when Streets of Tarkov will make its appearance in the game, but the developers have suggested it’ll be this year – possibly before the fall. Battlestate Games also plans to begin testing its standalone spin-off FPS game, Tarkov Arena, before the end of this year.

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