New Spongebob Game the Cosmic Shake is Like Mario Odyssey, but Funnier

Upcoming Spongebob game The Cosmic Shake reunites Squidward, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, and of course Spongebob Squarepants himself in the cartoon’s latest spin-off after Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. Inspired by classic platform games like Mario Odyssey, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro Remastered, The Cosmic Shake has a fresh trailer showcasing world design, all the original voice actors, and Spongebob’s trademark madcap humour.

Story wise, the pitch is thus. Spongebob and Patrick are given a bottle of mermaid tears that grant wishes and naturally, things go spectacularly wrong. With the very fabric of reality threatening to tear apart, the two set out across a variety of vibrant, themed worlds to try and set matters straight.

A 3D platformer where you unlock different abilities and cosmetics in every different zone, this is where the Mario Odyssey comparison comes in, as gameplay shifts from, say, the Wild West Jellyfish Fields to the Halloween-esque land of Rock Bottom.

There are seven worlds in total, populated by the entire Spongebob Squarepants cast, all voiced by their original actors. The latest trailer introduces alternate versions of Sandy, Gary, and Squidward as they appear across the various, reality-twisting worlds of Cosmic Shake, showcasing also a colourful visual design that’s faithful to the cartoon, but reminiscent of modern platformers like Crash 4 and Spyro Remastered.

Launching January 31, you can pre-order The Cosmic Shake now on Steam, which will grant you the bonus costume pack with seven extra outfits for Spongebob.

For the true Squarepants devouts, there’s also the BFF Edition, which naturally comes with the game and the costume pack, but also includes an inflatable Patrick, a collectible statue, an amulet and necklace, four bouncy balls, and – for when you’ve got family coming over – four Spongebob dinner mats. You can pick it up from THQ Nordic for $249.99 USD (£219.99 GBP).

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