New Tower of Fantasy Character Alyss Kicks Things Up a Notch for 2.3

Hotta Studio informs us of the impending release of the new simulacrum Alyss and provides a high-octane teaser for the anime game that demonstrates the ice specialist in action. This means that there will soon be another Tower of Fantasy character available. The brand-new character will debut together with Tower of Fantasy update 2.3, which will transport players to the Miasmic Swamp.

The Tower of Fantasy Alyss release date is February 2. M-sec 2000 Alyss, to use her full title, is a high-kicking special-forces agent with long white hair who is seen coming to the aid of Captain Saki Fuwa. The trailer, seen below, features some extended combat of her signature Unyielding Wing weapon in action, unleashing a range of powerful kick-based juggle combos and ice explosions.

Alyss also has the ability to enter ‘Latent Configuration,’ using her dodge to turn into a fast-moving butterfly and close distance quickly before exploding to deal huge damage and freeze nearby enemies as she returns to her full form. Her Cold Field skill pulls in nearby enemies, dealing massive damage and suspending them.

You can also make use of Frost weapon discharge skills inside the Cold Field for bonus frostbite damage and slowing effects, while Unyielding Wings will create ‘Space Fractures’ after every twelve hits landed, dealing additional hits of damage over time to nearby targets. Finally, her discharge, Night of the White Star, allows Alyss to clear all debuffs and strongly suspend the target.

She certainly looks very cool (no pun intended), and her stylish playstyle and potent ice skills should make a great option for anyone looking to put an ice team together. Keep an eye on all the upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners so you don’t miss your chance to grab her!

In the meantime, take a look at all the currently available Tower of Fantasy codes for bonus goodies, along with our guide to Tower of Fantasy leveling. If you’re looking for more of the best free games on PC that you can play right now, we’ve got you covered there too.

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