New Vampire Survivors Update Lets You Unlock Limit Break

Players digging into the beta for Vampire Survivors update 0.8.0 have discovered the newest relic added to the roguelike game, which allows you to activate a limit break feature to push your most powerful Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions to even stronger forms. The update also includes the promised bestiary and a new dragon character for the vampire game – as teased by Luca from developer Poncle prior to the update’s release.

Fair warning, of course, that this post gets into some pretty heavy late-game spoiler territory for Vampire Survivors, so read on at your own risk! You have been warned.

The most interesting aspects of the new 0.8.0 update begin with the game’s fifth stage, Capella Magna, which now features a new, temporary form. In this, the usual items are removed from the map by a special ‘golden hand’ reaper who spawns at the beginning of the stage. Surviving until the 30 minute mark causes a unique event where all the reapers merge together, Megazord-style, to form a super-reaper called ‘The Ender.’ Once you have defeated the Ender, Capella Magna returns to its normal state for future runs.

Defeating the Ender causes a new relic to drop – the Great Gospel. This relic allows players to permanently activate ‘limit breaking’ on the game’s stage selection screen. Once active, reaching a level up once all your equipment is maxed out will no longer offer the usual gold/chicken choice, but instead a variety of incremental upgrades to your current gear. As an example, this could include upgrading attributes such as critical chance, pierce, might, or area size on any of your currently-equipped weapons.

Also included in this latest update is the promised bestiary, unlocked by collecting the Ars Gouda relic in the Dairy Plant. There’s also a new addition to the roster of Vampire Survivors secret characters to be unlocked, a bone dragon named Gains Boros who starts with the heaven sword and gains +2% growth every level, which should play nicely into the new limit break mechanic.

A new arcana, ‘Game Killer,’ halts your XP gains and instead turns the gems into exploding projectiles. It also ensures that all treasures will contain at least three items. As for the things actually mentioned in the update notes, you can now see a record of your banished items and when maxed out – providing you aren’t limit breaking, of course – you can select to either always take the gold bag regardless, or always take the chicken when missing HP (which will award gold if you don’t require any healing).

If you’re trying to take down the Ender yourself, be sure to look into our guide to the best Vampire Survivors build and the best Vampire Survivors power ups to help set you on the path to a limit-breaking future.

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