Not Even Nicklas Bendtner Could Save Team Denmark in the BLAST Premier Fall Showmatch

Nicklas Bendtner, one of the greatest Danish football players of all time, appeared in one of the most magnificent showmatches in CS:GO esports history, which included 6v5 rounds, low gravity, players coated in fog on the stage, and players in low gravity. However, the fan-chosen Dream Team, which included s1mple and m0NESY, ultimately prevailed 16–12 while putting on a fantastic performance.

The final day of the BLAST Premier Fall Finals in Copenhagen began with a showmatch between Team Denmark and the fan-voted Dream Team pitting four pros and a fan player against one another, with many pleasant surprises for the live audience and those watching from home alike.

Unlike the showmatch at the Rio Major, where the legendary Brazilian core’s tryharding against the Swedish legends gave little opportunity for fun shenanigans to ensue, there were simply too many little changes to the standard gameplay experience for normal CS to rear its ugly head.

The showmatch took place on Anubis, the newly-added map in the competitive pool where players still have limited practice—so much so that this tournament was still played on the old patch—and every so often, unique rules were put into place for specific rounds to further spice things up.

These events could impact things in and out of the server alike. Be it an all-SMG or all-sniper affair, low gravity mode, and other oddities, there was always a curveball right around the corner, none more impactful than when the fan-voted team’s booth was filled with smoke IRL, making it a truly blinding affair.

The players also had a great time, with lots of laughs and showboating adding to the fan experience:

Even after all this, the biggest surprise came after the halftime mark, when the struggling Danish side was given a special sort of reinforcement to even up the odds: a sixth player in the form of Nicklas Bendtner, the 34-year-old Danish football player with 81 appearances and 30 goals for his national team, affectionately nicknamed Lord Bendtner by fans.

Bendtner started playing CS during the pandemic and he currently owns a small CS:GO team called Prosapia Esport. Not even his godlike powers were enough for the Danes to turn the tide, though: much like their team at the World Cup, they struggled across the match as the Dream Team featuring s1mple, m0NESY, YEKINDAR and Rez closed it out 16-13.

This showmatch was a great lead-up to the grand final and a good way for BLAST to flex their organizational muscles as the calendar crawls towards their Major tournament in Paris. They will also be responsible for the final big event of 2022, the BLAST Premier World Finals in Abu Dhabi between Dec. 14 and 18.

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