Now You Can Build a Whole Farming Empire on Stardew Valley

You can turn the farming simulation Stardew Valley into an industrial-scale farming empire sim thanks to a recent addition to the mod community. You can build the farm of your dreams in Stardew Valley, but if you’ve ever wanted to make it a little bit bigger (or, well, a lot bigger), you’re in luck thanks to this player-made upgrade for the life simulation game.

The Stardew Realty mod, by mod maker Prism 99 (who goes by klatuprism on Nexus Mods), takes the basics of previous Farm Expansion mods that allowed users to slightly extend the size of their plot of land. The mod adds a total of ten additional plots of land to the backwoods area found over to the left hand side of the map.

In the initial version of the mod, the land is made available from the get-go for free so players can test the expansion out and see how it works. Prism says that their long-term plan is to eventually release four content packs with additional expansions that will show up as a for sale sign on a notice board in Pelican Town. As plots show up, players will be able to invest in expanding their farming property.

The mod also includes a handy “Farm expansion warp network” to make getting around your newly purchased block of land easier, with the option to quickly warp between the various expansions and your home base – which makes managing them in the limited time you have a little more feasible.

Also included in the mod to help support the larger scale farms are two additional buildings. The Fromagerie is a cheese factory that comes pre-installed with three large vats that can each accept up to 50 milk products at a time to make cheese on a grand scale. Meanwhile, the Winery is the perfect place to house all your kegs and casks.

Stardew Valley mod Stardew Realty – map showing the expansion grid of additional plots for sale in the mod

Prism also recommends another mod of theirs, Stardew Web, which allows additional customisation to the items and artifacts that can be found foraging on the plots, as well as allowing you to stock the expansions with the fish types of your choice. If you’re not fussed about realism, you can even lock individual plots to different seasons – meaning you can farm all the crops of your choice year-round.

You can also use the mod while playing with friends – be sure to check out our Stardew Valley multiplayer guide for details on how to get your co-op games up and running. We also took a deeper dive into how realistic Stardew Valley’s take on farming is. We recently got another look at Haunted Chocolatier, the new game from Stardew Valley dev ConcernedApe, and it seems like it’s shaping up to be scarily delicious.

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