OG’s TI10 Lineup Is Basically A TI-winning Roster Now

After their initial victory in 2018, the OG players decided they would work hard for a second The International title. However, the original roster’s views on a third run varied. Topson, n0tail, and Ceb desired a three-peat while JerAx and ana made the decision to resign and take a sabbatical from Dota 2 competition.

With two TI titles under their belt, OG were in the position to build another All-Star roster, featuring TI5 winner SumaiL and TI6 runner-up Saksa. When the team was first announced, the Dota community labeled the team as “Four TI winners and Saksa.”

While the former OG roster is no more, Saksa continued the hustle and finally lifted the Aegis of Champions at TI11 with Tundra Esports. In addition to taking home a check for over $1 million, Saksa’s rise to the top also meant that OG’s TI10 lineup was finally made up of all TI winners.

Aside from winning two back-to-back TIs, OG also turned out to have a touch of gold, as it only took a year for Saksa to claim Aegis for himself after his stint with OG at TI10.

As the legendary OG roster stepped down from the scene in 2022, the organization opened its doors to newcomers who performed exceptionally well in their first year. A major win and a seventh place at TI in their debut season meant the youngsters exceeded expectations and can only continue to improve with the valuable lessons they learned at TI11.

It’s unclear how the Tundra and OG rosters will shape up in the upcoming DPC season after the post-TI roster shuffle extravaganza, but they’re likely to remain as two of the most formidable competitors in the region regardless of how they choose to proceed.

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