One Familiar Face Remains With a Double-Digit KDA in the 2023 LEC Spring Split

The LEC Spring Split of 2023 is passing quickly. The top European League of Legends teams have just one weekend left to secure a spot in the upcoming group stage with two weeks already completed and one more to go. One player, though, has surged to the top with a string of outstanding performances since making a comeback on the LEC stage.

Team Vitality’s superstar AD carry Elias “Upset” Lipp currently leads all LEC players with an eye-popping 12.4 KDA, sporting 30 kills, 32 assists, and only four deaths, according to competitive League stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir. He is thriving with the least resources of any LEC marksman, holding the second-lowest average share of his team’s total gold through these past six games.

Upset is coming off a season away from the stage after getting benched by Fnatic for another returning legend, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. He finally found his place with Vitality in the following split and has since helped push the organization to a 4-2 record.

He has also found great success alongside fellow German and star support Norman Kaiser, who currently has the second-most assists in the league along with the highest KDA of any LEC support this season. Together, they’ve amassed significant gold leads for Vitality through the early stages of their games and are always massive late-game threats to any team they face.

Ultimately, Upset has proven himself to be a world-class carry who can stand tall with the best of the best. His mechanics have never wavered and are going to be a huge reason why Vitality rise or fall later this split. And if they reach the group stage, he will need to elevate his game even further during the best-of series against some of the toughest opponents in the bracket.

You can catch Upset and the rest of Vitality in action when the LEC returns on Saturday, March 25 at 12pm CT.

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