Only 1 Player Finished the 2023 Lcs Spring Split Regular Season With a Double Digit KDA

Several great League of Legends players are headed to the playoffs in their final quest for a championship following a fiery finish to the 2023 LCS Spring Split regular season. Nonetheless, with a double digit KDA, just one player stood out among the rest of his teammates: Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol of Cloud9.

The 19-year-old phenom finished with 87 kills, 99 assists, and only 18 deaths leading to a whopping 10.3 KDA, according to competitive League stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir. He was one of the major reasons why C9 was so successful this split, as they ran through the bottom lane multiple times over the course of the season.

With the fourth-highest percentage of his team’s total gold, Berserker was given plenty of resources to scale up and become the late-game insurance policy that they would rely on to close out matches. He also played a healthy amount of Zeri, with four wins and two losses under his belt. Behind the Spark of Zaun, however, he also took over with picks like Varus, Lucian, Caitlyn, and Draven.

Berserker maintains his dominance through superior teamfight positioning and aggression control, avoiding any enemy engages until the final moment when he finally sees an angle to enter a skirmish. Once he takes his chance, the talented ADC uses his picturesque mechanical skills to dodge and weave around the fight, and is usually placed on a champion that has plenty of movement abilities at their disposal.

No other players came close to a double digit KDA in the league, with FlyQuest’s own superstar marksman Lee “Prince” Chae-hwan racking up a 5.8 KDA. The 22-year-old did outpace Berserker with a whopping 101 kills due to his incredible aggression alongside the organization’s star-studded roster.

Berserker and Prince will both be in action next week when the 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs begin on Thursday, March 23. C9 will be taking on Counter Logic Gaming to kick off their bracket, while FlyQuest will collide with 100 Thieves.

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