Optic Texas to Run It Back With Same CDL Lineup Despite Dashy, iLLeY Announcing Free Agency

Back for ’22-23,” reads a message from OpTic Texas’ Twitter account less than 24 hours after both players revealed they were considering their choices. Scump, Dashy, iLLeY, and Shotzzy, the four players from the 2022 OpTic lineup, are all tagged and appear in a brief video in which “Run it back” can be heard playing over the players.

The reason for this seemingly major course reversal is unknown, although it is possible that OpTic never had any intention of actually parting ways with iLLeY or Dashy. On a Twitch stream today, however, Dashy said the move “was not a troll” and there is “no bad blood.”

The initial announcement that Dashy and iLLeY would depart the OpTic roster came as a shock to nearly everyone in the CoD community since Dashy was a finalist for the 2022 CDL MVP and iLLeY missed a portion of the season due to a thumb injury, which seemed to partially derail a promising season that began with a Major One victory for OpTic.

With OpTic seemingly back together, the rest of the CDL can go about constructing their 2023 season rosters without the looming threat of the most popular team in the league.

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