Overwatch 2: The Next Beta Lets You Play as the Junker Queen

The next Overwatch 2 beta is approaching quickly, and it will include some brand-new content. The second Overwatch 2 beta will begin on June 28th, according to Activision Blizzard’s official Twitter page. On June 16, further information regarding how to sign up for the beta and what to anticipate from the FPS game’s upcoming beta will be released, so stay tuned.

The second Overwatch 2 beta will be available for PC like before, along with consoles for the first time, though whether it features cross-play yet is still unknown. However, it will include the newly announced Junker Queen, first shown off during the Xbox Bethesda showcase, along with a brand-new map. Of course, it’ll likely still include the maps we already know about, including Monte Carlo, Toronto, and Rome.

Blizzard is also holding an Overwatch 2 showcase on June 16, so we’ll likely get a first look at the new map then, and possibly even a look at the Junker Queen in action. So far, we’ve only seen her – admittedly very good – cinematic trailer, where she faces off against the Junker King, Howl, in a bid to unseat him for the first time in a dozen years.

Check out the trailer yourself below.

Blizzard also announced during the Xbox showcase that Overwatch 2 will release in early access on October 4, so there’s not much longer left to wait.

Bear in mind that, since these betas are still works in progress, the characters and abilities will likely perform rather differently from their early access versions. Zenyatta, for example, probably won’t be able to kick all his foes into the stratosphere as he did during the first beta, though hopefully we’ll also see further buffs to support characters as well.

The first Overwatch 2 beta showcased the significant changes Blizzard’s swap to 5 v 5 and a greater emphasis on tanks has on the game, but as a consequence, support characters were rendered almost useless.

If you’re still catching up with Overwatch 2 news, check out all the maps we know about so far and what characters you should practice with first when the beta releases.

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