Paying PS Plus members will get access to cheats and walkthroughs on Playstation 5

PS5 release is just around the corner and everyone around the world is excited to see what the new 4k experience will be like. Since the PS4 pro disappointed many, we are all certain that the PS5 will save the day. Playstation youtube channel just released a new Playstation 5 UI demo where they explain the new features and look of the PS5 user interface. Among the features is a controversial help section to provide players with a detailed video walkthrough if they can’t figure out their way in a certain level.

That is cheating…

Needless to say, this isn’t the final form of the UI or all the features, but this is what your PS5 will look like on TV.

New features in the Playstation 5 UI

In the latest State Of Play show above, Playstation gave us a preview of their current PS5 UI and some of the features you can expect in the Playstation 5. Features are mostly Discord app remade into the PS5 system. With all the discord features like screen sharing, voice rooms, media sharing, etc.

The most important feature is the in-game overlay which gives you access to most of the console’s controls and settings. And also contains detailed info about objectives in the game and how long will you take to beat them.

One controversial feature is the Playstation Help, which is available only for PS Plus subscribers. The Playstation help will basically provide you with walkthrough videos of the game you are playing. Stuck in a Demon Souls boss fight? can’t get out of that maze in Tomb Raider? don’t worry, just look at the walkthrough video, easy. Now you can pay to finish games.

I am disappointed.

As always, Playstation hinted that there are still many features to cover that will be announced in the coming weeks. This is seriously getting boring, Every major company is rationing their news as if it is something exclusive. The console is coming out in a couple of months and people still don’t have a clear picture of what they are buying.

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