PC Specs For God Of War Are Revealed

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January 14, 2022

The specifications and requirements for playing Sony Santa Monica’s 2018 smash game God of War on PC have been announced, and as expected, you’ll need a powerful machine.

To even hit 4K/60FPS on PC, SMS recommends an Nvidia RTX 3080, which is the highly sought-after GPU that’s basically impossible to purchase at the moment. However, the recommended PC specs for God of War are a lot less taxing, needing only an Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU and an Intel i5-6600K, amongst the usual requirements such as Windows 10. 

Here’s a full look at what you’ll need in your machine to play God of War at various visual fidelities, including minimum, recommended, high, performance, and ultra. 

The studio also released a new trailer showcasing some of what players can expect in the PC version of God of War, too. 

Some PC-specific features include Nvidia DLSS AI Performance Boost, Nvidia Reflex, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, enhanced graphics, and more. 

“Higher-resolution shadows, improved screen-space reflections, enhanced Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion (GTAO) and Screen Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO), alongside highly detailed assets and rendering solutions, means God of War on PC will be a beautiful, crisp visual experience,” SMS’ blog post reads. 

The PC version of God of War was announced in October, just over half a year after the PlayStation 5 update for God of War was revealed. That update brought 60 FPS, 4K Checkerboard Resolution, and 2160p resolutions to the game, and if you aren’t able to play it there, you can get similar performances soon when it hits PC on January 14 next year.

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