Perkz Explains Why Vitality Took a Different Approach With Its LEC Roster This Year

Team Vitality revamped its roster ahead of the 2023 LEC season, and star mid laner Luka “Perkz” Perković shed some additional details on the rebuilding process. The Croatian said this year’s lineup was made “way more carefully” in an interview with Em Dash Esports on Jan. 24. The 24-year-old explained that contrary to last year, this time around Vitality had much more time to thoughtfully pick players for its LEC team.

“We had a lot of time in the offseason, we had a lot of options and things to think about, and players to talk with,” Perkz said. “The year before, everything went super fast in the offseason after Worlds. We just grabbed the best free agents and it wasn’t a super thoughtful building.”

The mid laner also underlined it was important for Vitality to secure new head coach, Alexander “Carter” Cartwright early because he helped to shape the roster from the start. “It was mostly me, Carter, and Neon talking and trying to figure out what is good and what is possible,” Perkz said.

That being said, Perkz said he can’t promise this year’s iteration of Vitality will be much better, but from first impressions, it looks like they are going to do well. He also revealed scrims “aren’t that great” but as long as they’re winning on stage, scrims don’t matter.

So far, Vitality are unbeaten in the 2023 LEC Winter Season following victories against Fnatic, MAD Lions, and Team Heretics. They will return to action on Saturday, Jan. 28.

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