Photo Mode And Suspend Cycle: Returnal Gets A 2.0 Update

The fairly new game got a new update for game lovers, and it might be the beginning of something good.

The update, dubbed 2.0, now allows players to save and quit a cycle in progress to come back to it later. All players have to do is pause the game, and it’ll create a single-use suspend point. You can then turn off the console, switch games or do anything else away from the game. When you’re ready, you can jump back in right where you left off. There’s a few caveats, of course: you can only have one run suspended, and once you resume it your point is deleted. You also can’t create a suspend point in specific circumstances like boss battles or the first-person sequences.

Previously, if you started a run in the game, players would have to finish it in the same sitting. They could suspend their console, but if they changed the game or otherwise turned the power off, they’d have to start from the beginning of Selene’s next run.

The Returnal update also adds a new Photo Mode to the game. At any part during the game (again, except specific circumstances) you can pause the action and take some screenshots. All your expected options are present and correct, including focal distance, contrast, aperture, and more. And of course, there’s also a bunch of frames, filters, and more to add a personalized touch to your images.

The Returnal 2.0 update is available to download through your PlayStation 5 now.

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