Play Doom Without Loading Your PC

Doom versions are available for everything from Game & Watch to Minecraft to a digital camera, so being able to play the iconic FPS game on a standard PC isn’t very noteworthy — unless you’ve just turned it on. Doom has become more significant than Windows as a result of the current port, which allows it to be run directly from a PC BIOS firmware.

Doom is one of the most famous all-time classic old PC games and it’s still perfectly playable today, but for some reason, the entire world is obsessed with bringing it to as many platforms as possible – from tiny PCs to a SEGA Genesis to a restaurant. And now, it’s playable as part of a system BIOS.

Coreboot is an open-source BIOS system firmware, and update 4.17 is out today (via Toms Hardware). It supports a load of new motherboards, a new bootloader, and, yes, Doom. Users can create ‘payloads’ to add ROM code to Coreboot, including some basic games that load up in the linear frame-buffer – and now, someone’s made Doom for it.

If you give it a go, expect it to be crash-heavy and only be playable through PS/2 keyboards, as well as having no sound, saves, and only basic graphics. Nevertheless, it’s still Doom running on a system BIOS, so we can check that one off the list of “things that Doom still isn’t playable on.”

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