Popular Mid Laner Scout Joins LNG Esports

The legendary EDward Gaming mid laner, Lee “Scout” Ye-chan has left his team to join LNG Esports. It was rumored that the Korean player wanted to move back to his home country but he eventually decided to stay in China and join the jungler Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong’s team, LNG.


Scout’s professional gaming career began back in 2015. At first, he was the substitute player for SK Telecom T1. SKT’s low form gave Scout’s first chance to compete in the LCK challenge and he had some impressive performances. Keeping in mind that he pushed Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok out of the starting roster, he had an important role as a youngster. He wanted to be the starting mid laner and left SKT at the end of the LCK 2016 Spring Split.

Scout’s next stop was a big step for his career as he joined EDward Gaming and moved out of his country for the first time in his career.

Scout spent seven years under the EDG roof. During this time, he won three regional trophies as well as the Worlds 2021 tournament. From time to time, he was considered one of the best LoL players on the planet. However, his Worlds 2022 performance wasn’t optimal as he got outclassed by Zeka on many occasions. After spending seven years with EDG, he now left the ship to sail new seas. Scout will play for LNG Esports in the upcoming season, announced today by the organization.


EDward Gaming acquired the Korean mid laner back in 2016 and trusted him until this year. However, EDG’s owner, Edward talked about the controversy about Scout on his stream.

“After winning Worlds, we tried to remain the roster for at least another year, so we raised the salary of most people. Scout signed another contract with an LCK team while he was still in contract with us. So at a certain time, he was playing for both teams, which is awkward. So we talked to the League, and solve the issue. In the end, his salary was super high this year, about twice as much compared to last year. We are like: okay, money is not the issue, just play with us till retirement. All parties agreed with the detail, and we were happy. But this year, the same thing happened again. Scout wanted to go back to Korea again this year.” said the owner, according to the LPLfanclub account on Twitter.

After not finding a new home in Korea and returning to the team, he still wanted to continue his career elsewhere.

Apart from winning the LPL trophy three times and the Worlds trophy once, Scout also won Rift Rivals twice, Demacia Cup twice, won the Worlds Finals MVP once, made it to the All-pro 1st Team once, and All-Pro 3rd Team twice. Finally, he also won the Split MVP award twice while playing for EDward Gaming, making him one of the most successful players on the LoL esports scene.

Scout will continue his career with Tarzan next year. LNG Esports is one of the favorites of the LPL 2023 season but their performance on the rift will determine the fact.

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