Post Scriptum: A new map That Recreates the Battle of Crete

Post Scriptum, a WW2 game, now features a brand new map set in one of the war’s lesser-known battlegrounds: the island of Crete, which saw a tense showdown between Allied and Axis forces in May and June 1941. Maleme is the first Post Scriptum map built independently by Mercury Arts, a third-party studio.

The map recreates the Battle of Crete, which was the first massed used of German Fallschirmjäger paratroopers. Defending the island is New Zealand’s 2nd NZ Division, who are attempting to keep the Germans from capturing the key airfield on Crete. Should the airfield fall to the Germans, they’ll be easily reinforcing the invaders, and the Allies will have to retreat from the island.

Maleme features the hot, sandy island terrain of the Mediterranean, and it’ll be joined by additional maps as part of Mercury Arts’ independently produced ‘Chapter Mercury’ addition to Post Scriptum. In the post announcing the launch of the chapter, the studio says it’s working on adding the Greek 5th Cretan Division, the Australian 16th Infantry Brigade, and the Italian 50th Infantry Division in future updates.

Here’s the official trailer:

As you can see, the map provides plenty of varying terrain: there’s room for tank manoeuvers, house-to-house infantry combat, and for airborne insertions over the fields and hillsides of Crete.

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