Psychonauts 2 Made Getting 100% Collectibles Easy

Dear reader, I have to ask: in games, do you attempt to achieve 100% collectibles? Someone must because they still exist in video games. But I don’t, and I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken about it with someone who does. So, now that Psychonauts 2 has released a patch with additional tools to assist players to gather all of the little trinkets and complete achievements, I’d like to ask: do you do this? Will you join us? Please tell me everything about it!

To help hunt collectibles, players can now buy the Otto-Spot filter for the psychic camera after finishing the main story. It’ll run you 75 Psitanium at the vending machines. Then whip out the camera, switch to the filter, and it’ll highlight nearby collectibles. Figments can even be seen through some of the environment.

“This will help in particular with some rather famous Figments, including this banana, which I apologize for,” lead designer Seth Marinello said in the update video, highlighting a particularly tricky berry blending in with a palm tree.

To help figure out the broader location of collectibles, the fast travel menu will now show a checkmark if you have everything in a place.

You can also access a bonus Psychoseismometer in Otto’s lab after finishing Gisu’s quest for extra fights, which Double Fine says “[makes] it possible to unlock enemy achievements during the post-game state.”

Is this you? Will you do this? Please tell me about your collecting compulsions.

“Hopefully these features smooth out some of the rough edges that our hardcore players may have experienced,” Marinello said. “We never intended it to be a slog trying to get to 100% for those that really want to do it. We really wanted to make the process of getting the collectibles be one of fun and discovery and not a painful grind. And I really thank everybody for playing the game, and it’s really been wonderful just seeing everyone engaging with and discovering all the cool things that are hidden in Psychonauts 2.”

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