Put Skyrim Mods Aside as Oblivion and Morrowind Collide in New Project

However, the wait for Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 release date just became a little bit easier owing to a crossover mod including two earlier games in the series. There are lots of new Skyrim mods to assist fantasy enthusiasts pass the time before the next Bethesda titles arrive. Both Morrowind and Oblivion are deserving of their spots among the greatest RPGs of all time, and a brand-new Elder Scrolls mod brilliantly combines both.

Nickies’ Cross-Game Invader Add-On is a mod designed to let players transfer their items, spells, and player data between Oblivion and Morrowind, and vice versa. That means you can use the same character across both games, bring your protagonist or an NPC over to act as a follower, or even fight your created character from one game in the other.

In addition to this, the mod’s creator Nickies has actually built a special new set of encounters featuring a unique, cross-game boss called ‘the Tonal Invader.’ This enemy will show up during a new Morrowind quest, begun on the shores of Solstheim, only to flee after you defeat him in battle. You’ll then have to chase him all the way to Cyrodiil in Oblivion in order to finish him off.

Nickies explains that the boss features unique systems for each game – while fighting the Tonal Invader in Morrowind, you’ll have to deal with that game’s stat checks, whereas the fight in Oblivion adds the latter game’s timed parries to the encounter. Nickies adds that there “both segments are packed with depth and easter eggs,” encouraging players to explore thoroughly to uncover everything at play.

Defeating the Tonal Invader allows you to transfer your spells, items, and other characters between the games – although Nickies notes you can choose to bypass this requirement if you just want to toy around with Oblivion’s Reflect Damage effect in Morrowind, or bring over your favourite Morrowind enchantments to Oblivion.

Full instructions and details can be found on the Cross-Game Invader download page (via PC Gamer), which you’ll want to pay close attention to as the process is reasonably involved. It’s such a cool concept that we reckon it’s worth it, though.

Hopefully we’ll hear more news on the Starfield release date at the upcoming Starfield showcase, but in the meantime check out more of the best games like Skyrim to satisfy that itch that only the best open-world games can truly scratch.

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