Ready-Made Rivalry: XQc Wants to Build a Valorant Roster to ‘Smoke’ Disguised Toast’s Team

When Disguised Toast first stated his intentions to form a VALORANT team and have them compete in the NA VALORANT Challengers League open qualifier, nobody expected much. That changed when he unveiled the roster on Jan. 8, confirming it had former T1 leader Joshua “steel” Nissan, Damion “XXiF” Cook, Drake “Exalt” Branly, Joseph “clear” Allen, and Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar.

A string of impressive performances saw them become the first of two teams to book a spot in VALORANT Challengers 2023: NA Split One, which kicks off on Feb. 1.

Disguised Toast invested a lot of money out of his pocket to make it happen—more than the winners of VCT Champions 2022 earned—but it’s already starting to pay off, at least in terms of success.

Twitch’s king streamer, xQc is thinking about putting an end to that, though. The juicer warlord is thinking about building his own VALORANT team for one purpose and one purpose only—to “fucking smoke Disguised Toast’s team.”

The comment came out of nowhere during his stream, so it’s unclear how serious he is and whether he’ll actually follow up on it, but the intention was there in his tone and expression.

That might change once he realizes Toast is paying his players more than $5,000 a month to make it happen, but the juicer warlord is one of the top dogs on Twitch. His viewership is around five times higher than Disguised Toast’s, so money shouldn’t be an issue. xQc knows a thing or two about the esports scene too. Not only is he a former Overwatch pro, he was also quite popular, having won the MVP at the Overwatch World Cup in 2017.

All the signs point toward him being the perfect candidate to build a streamer-backed VALORANT team, but whether he actually decides to commit to it is a different story. After all, xQc already streams for long hours and is committed to his craft right now.

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