Red Dead Online Has Limited-time Clothing Options

While heists and showdowns may come to mind when thinking of Red Dead Online, fashion is something that gamers adore. There’s even a forum dedicated to analyzing the best looks of the moment and displaying clothes created by admirers. That’s why, when Rockstar Games announced this week’s Red Dead Online update article, the return of limited-time attire drew my attention right away.

The last time we got limited-time clothing items in Rockstar’s Western game was before the Blood Money update, which was roughly six months ago. The selection of temporary stock is a good chance to nab a unique piece for your outfit, so you can imagine why players are keen to see it return.

While limited-time clothes are back, you’ve only got the option of four items and one outfit. This time around you’ve got the option of the Racoon Hat, Fanned Stovepipe Hat, Furred Gloves, Pelt Half Chaps, and the Tasman Outfit. It remains to be seen if Rockstar will refresh the offering with different duds.

If you’d like to see a full rundown of the update, you can check out this video from PvP Only Cat:

Rockstar Games has also added all the clothing items you’ll need to create a historically accurate gunfighter in Red Dead Online. The range of duds is hanging around until December 6 and are inspired by a video series from YouTuber Man Vs History.

Curiously, it also looks like you’re getting more Blood Money content. Rockstar shares that we’re getting Capitale boosts across all contract missions related to the update until November 29. Criminals and chests are also getting increased Capitale rewards to “help you prepare for more Opportunities”.

If you’ve been out of the loop, Opportunities are special missions that become available in the Blood Money update once you’ve done enough missions for baddie Guido Martelli.

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