Red Dead Redemption and Cities Skylines Builder Has Release Date

Yes, you read that right. An upcoming city-building game with a relatively soon Early Access release date, inspired by titles like Red Dead Redemption and Cities: Skylines. As Wild West Dynasty will trot its way onto Steam early next year, you better get ready to tame the West with your management skills.

Arriving on February 16, 2023, Wild West Dynasty tasks you with surviving in the deadly period of American history, as you’ll need to build farms, find and gather resources, and help other settlers make a new life for themselves in the West.

You’ll be able to explore the beautiful landscapes in either a first or third-person perspective and while on horseback, and engage in branching dialogue which will help you rise from a lowly settler to a ranch and town owner.

According to the description of the Red Dead Redemption and Cities: Skylines mashup game, you’ll be engaging with a “unique mix of roleplaying, survival, life simulation, resource management and city builder” in Wild West Dynasty. You’ll then need to allocate workers to different resources and trade routes to manage your growth so your settlements can continue to prosper.

A brand new trailer for Wild West Dynasty can be watched below.

“But you are not only looking for riches. You also need to find answers to a mysterious family secret that will shape your destiny,” reads the game’s description. “And don’t forget your next of kin: Find a partner and lay the foundation for a legacy that spans generations. With Wild West Dynasty you not only shape your own destiny, but are a driving factor in expanding the American West during the mid 1800s.”

You can wishlist and see more of Wild West Dynasty on Steam.

If you want more to play Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cities: Skylines while you wait for Wild West Dynasty we’ve got you covered. There’s a Red Dead Redemption 2 mod that adds realistic hunting, and our deep dive into the best Cities: Skylines mods to spice up your game as well.

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