Redfall Release Date Confirmed at Bethesda Event Says Xbox Germany

At the forthcoming joint Bethesda and Xbox Developer Direct, fresh gameplay information for the Arkane vampire game, Redfall, is expected to be revealed, as well as the game’s release date. An apparent post from Xbox Germany appears to reveal the existence of the livestream, which will precede an event solely devoted to the upcoming RPG Starfield. Release dates for Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport, and the next instalment of The Elder Scrolls Online will also be revealed.

Authored by “Xbox Wire Staff,” the German version of the Developer Direct announcement – translated to English – says the event will offer “first-time shared release dates” for a range of upcoming games, including Redfall, the open-world horror game from Dishonored developer Arkane.

“Developer Direct will focus on amazing features, extensive gameplay showcases and first-time shared release dates for great Xbox titles coming out over the next few months, including The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, and Redfall,” the post says, as initially reported by VGC. This contrasts with the English-language version of the announcement, which simply teases the “latest info” on Microsoft’s upcoming games.

The Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct is scheduled for 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT on January 25, and is available to watch at both company’s respective Twitch and YouTube channels. For those of us hoping for more on the coveted Starfield release date, a separate event, dedicated entirely to the upcoming RPG game, has also been confirmed, though a date is still to be set.

Arkane says that Redfall, an open-world, co-op FPS where players band together to defeat legions of vampires, will feature a map and gameplay similar to Far Cry. Nevertheless, the developer remains interested in creating smaller-scale immersive sims in the future.

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