Rey Mysterio Might Be WWE 2K22’s Cover Star

Following the appearance of artwork for WWE 2K22 on the internet, it appears like Rey Mysterio will be the wrestling great gracing the cover. Cover art for the PlayStation 5 version of the game was found by Technik News. As well as the standard edition, the outlet showed a cover and details for a Deluxe Edition. The Master of the 619 is set to grace both covers, and pre-orders allegedly get three days of early access. The Deluxe Edition, they claim, will also include an Undertaker Immortal Pack and a Season Pass.

WWE 2K22 will be the first outing for the series since the much-maligned WWE 2K20. A litany of well-reported bugs plagued the release, so much so that both 2K and WWE would cancel WWE 2K21. Publisher 2K was hoping the extra time in the oven will allow WWE 2K22 to correct the previous mistakes.

The game would break cover in August, confirming it was moving away from its regular November release spot into March. On November, 2K revealed ten new and returning features for the grappler. They include the return of fan-favorite MyGM mode and a new WWE 2K Showcase featuring the aforementioned Rey Mysterio.

We’re yet to get an official confirmation if this Rey Mysterio WWE 2K22 cover art is indeed the real deal, but with March not too far away now, expect to hear more very soon. WWE 2K22 hasn’t confirmed its formats yet, but expect it in March 2022.

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