Riot Confirms That Sivir Will Receive the Upcoming LOL Mid-Scope Upgrade

In the past year, Riot Games has refreshed League of Legends many times, giving some of Runeterra’s lesser-known characters new life. The next champion to undergo a mid-scope update is Sivir, according to head champion designer August Browning.

Gameplay analyst Ray Williams will be working on the upcoming changes to the Battle Mistress as Riot tries to shake things up with her abilities and power. Williams is most known for his work on champions like Akshan, Lillia, and Diana, along with the lethality item system rework in season 11.

As of Patch 12.11, Sivir has fallen to become the second-least played champion in the AD carry role with a 1.7-percent global pick rate at Platinum ranks and higher, according to League stats aggregate U.GG. Her ban rate is almost non-existent, but her win rate is still sitting at a respectable 49.3 percent through 12,000 games played.

On the professional stage, the renowned fortune hunter hasn’t seen any significant play in any major regions over the last two and a half years. From season 10 to now, Sivir has only been played 29 times across the LCS, LEC, LPL, and LCK, but she has been picked in other minor regions, according to stats site Games of Legends.

Sivir isn’t the most interactive ADC to play in League, especially when compared to the newer marksmen who have joined the game’s roster, like Aphelios, Akshan, and Zeri. Her kit has a good amount of damage and self-peel, but we could see Riot change up her abilities in a significant way to shift some of her power in a different direction.

It’s unclear at this time exactly when the Sivir mid-scope update will hit League’s live servers.

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