Riot Discusses The Future Of VALORANT Roles

As a new Agent and several modifications to the game’s existing arsenal and maps approach, VALORANT Patch 4.0 is quickly coming. In the near future, the VALORANT creators are open to changing a more fundamental aspect of the game, Agent duties. Agents can typically play multiple roles, including Duelist, Controller, Sentinel, and others. Developer John Goscicki presented his opinions on how Agent duties might change in the future.

“I think a lot of those categories are broad terms and ways to think about the rules and what those characters, like strengths and weakness profiles should be and could be. And we’ve constantly been trying to push the boundaries of those, and you’ve seen that recently, not only with Neon but with Chamber,” the VALORANT developer stated, “So I think, as the game evolves, and continues to grow, we’ll probably be going back to a lot of those characters and like, sharpening their identities towards different outputs of those roles, or evolving those roles. We always talk about potentially, ‘Hey, maybe there’s more than the four that we have now.’”

Whether this ‘sharpening’ comes in form of updates or kit reworks is unknown. Riot Games is certainly no stranger to tweaking its playable characters, as League of Legends has spent years undergoing VGUs to older Champions. VALORANT certainly has less restrictive roles, which has presented a unique challenge in creating these Agent categories. Though developer have tossed around potential solutions, even creating an entirely new category, we will have to see how Riot navigates this issue.

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